Monday, November 14, 2011

Jumping into the Bog...erm, Blog

Today, I make my first blog post. 

This is a blog about my 25+ years in the genealogy world. One might think I'd be famous by now, but I've been a sole searcher (pardon the pun) for that long, and have only learned really "how" to do quality research in the last decade. Where I used to write letters, I now send instant messages and emails and make posts and comments all over the Web. Yes, I'm an old-timer by some standards, but a n00b by many others. 

Here I hope to continue my work by sharing my thoughts and ideas with others as they journey through their own ancestral weeds. I mean trees. Okay, maybe we should call them horribly convoluted, twisted, vine-enshrined messes. But if they were all neat and tidy, we'd have no more to do, right? Yes, that's what I keep telling myself. Repeatedly. Often late at night when I should be sleeping but I'm staring at the computer screen. Or those times when I just "knew" this was the right country road to get to that old cemetery so-and-so had mentioned to me in a note 10 years ago. 

Do you remember why you started working on your family tree? What led you to spend hours researching Great-Great-Great Grandma Gert in the first place? 

For me, it started with a tiny cemetery, and began in earnest with a yellow school pencil box full of people I didn't know.

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