Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Book of Me - Prompt #1: Who Am I?

Often when we research our ancestors, we forget to preserve our own memories. Some Geneabloggers are trying a new writing prompt series from Julie Boucher at her Anglers Rest blog entitled "The Book of Me, Written by You", about how you view "you", or in this case, how I view me. 
  • I am Kellie, not spelled with a "y".
  • I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin.
  • I am a wife, and I'm happy about that. 
  • I love my cat, Chloe.
  • I have the most awesome daughter on the face of the planet. 
  • I'm not biased. 
  • I love history, and particularly appreciate living in the midst of it.
  • I love genealogy to the point of obsession. 
  • I consider myself to be a professional, but I will never stop learning.
  • I enjoy helping others. 
  • I am strong-willed and determined (never stubborn *wink*)
  • I am a good friend to have around. 
  • I can be a perfectionist about some things, and a total mess about others. 
  • I take naps, and I have no guilt about that.
  • I love football and hockey. 
  • I go crazy over flowers, vintage jewelry, and old "girlie" things. I don't know why.
  • I refuse to let a day pass without at least one giggle, and preferably, a belly-laugh or two. 
  • I love music. It soothes my soul.
  • I live with MS. I don't let it define me, but it does change my routine at times (see naps, above). 
  • I am a softie and will cry at any movie or show that is the least bit heartwarming. 
  • I am thankful for every single day.
  • Really, about that bias thing...(see daughter, above)
  • This "exercise" was a bit more difficult for me to write than I anticipated. 
You don't have to be a blogger to do this little activity, and I must admit, it was interesting. Give it a try!! 



  1. Kellie, Great that you are taking part.

  2. Very good. You sound like such a nice person.

  3. Good list. Like the part about awesome daughter and not biased...lol. I have one of those too and no, not at all biased.

  4. It's amazing how many other things I've thought of since doing this, almost to the point that I want to do it again ;)